Spybar’s motto is, “Always Be Creating,” with that guiding principal, they are bringing the dance floor to the walls. The Chicago based nightclub has unveiled plans for new rotating artist installations. The viewing space was once home to a six-foot-plus metal art piece donning the famous words “Always Be Closing.” After removal of this piece late last year, Spybar is now giving local artists the chance to show-off their passion to the 600+ weekly attendees of the venue.

After putting out a call on social media, local artists were given an opportunity to showcase their work to the venue through Facebook and Instagram. After receiving 400+ responses, the team ultimately chose local Chicago artist Brendan Cooney to develop a custom piece with his full creative control around what the intersection of music and art scene in Chicago means to him.

Photo of the first piece to kick off Spybar’s local art series by artist Brendan Cooney

“This first rotating piece is a 7ft by 4ft mixed media canvas. Inspired by the dark alleyways of Chicago often low key entrance ways to underground house parties,” said the artist Cooney. “The process of this piece consisted of abstract brush stokes, several layers of washes and small paint pen highlights. Lastly two printed pictures of the sides of an alleyway view were wheat pasted to the sides. It’s a fusion of abstract and realism that draws your eye into the center through the alleyway. What do you see at the end of the tunnel?”

After installation in the coming days, the art will remain on-display for three months before Spybar chooses another artist to fill the space with their thoughts and creativity. The venue also plans to announce a reception for the piece featuring music, food, special guests and more.