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German “super-house” duo andhim has been gracing the airwaves in clubs across the world for a few years now– both in support from major artists dropping their tracks and full on sets themselves. We spoke with the two ahead of their Spybar show to talk music, gigs, playing in Chicago and a Will Farrell/Danny Devito blockbuster film about defending the world from evil Bratwursts (read on for that last sentence to make sense).

According to your recent DJMag interview, you guys aren’t quite sure how you met or where the name andhim came from… But what was the first gig you guys played together as andhim? Was the “Super House” vibe something you two started off with or did it develop as you progressed together?

We were already super from the very first beginning. Our first gig was in Cologne on May, 25th in 2010. So you can celebrate our fifth anniversary now.


You guys have been growing in popularity and releasing on monster labels such as Black Butter, Kompakt, and Get Physical since your formation in 2010.  How does it feel to be releasing on such incredible labels so early in your career?

It’s amazing. We are happy that our sound is understood and appreciated by many different labels. With every release we grow and so does our sound and production. We always put so much effort, love and detail into every release we do.

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Whether it’s the choices of sound, cover designs or the music videos. We want to make every release as special as possible. And it is good to have people on board who appreciate what we are doing.


You just recently released your groovy, trippy EP titled ‘Spayce’ this past February.  What can we expect next in terms of releases?

The Spayce EP was a statement. We wanted to show another side of andhim. Deeper and more experimental.

Now there is a brand new EP coming on June, 15th on Monaberry. It’s called “Rollercoaster” and contains of four tracks. Each one is different to the other; a real roller coaster ride you can say.

There is Batu, a very arty and melancholy listening track. A song that is far out of the typical dance music cosmos. So is Cloys with its Piano roads and hypnotic baseline. Rollercoaster, the main title, on the other hand is a groove-shaking Tech-House track and Mr. Bass (feat. Super Flu) is a real dance floor monster. A typical andhim Super House song.


We’re very excited you have you back at Spybar!  How does it feel to be back in the home of House Music? How does the US and more specifically Chicago stack up in comparison to your worldwide gigs?

We love to play in the US. This is why we are coming that often. It’s a great scene over here and the people are really open to our sound. Chicago was actually the second city in America we’ve played. This was in 2012 and there were 50 people in attendance, but it was great. It was like a dream come true to play in the States and especially in Chicago where history was made some decades before. Besides of the musical scene, you guys have some amazing food over here. Chicago has one of the best burgers in the world: Kuma’s Corner.

You really place an emphasis on creativity in your music videos and definitely don’t shy away from the camera— if there was to be an “andhim: The Movie” which actors would play you guys and could you give us a brief plot synopsis?

Wow, this would be a weird and disturbing film. Probably nominated for the golden Raspberry.

Simon would need to be played by Will Ferrell. He is his god and fits quite well to his personality. Tobias could be played by Danny Devito but with a red beard.

This movie would be about defending the world from evil Bratwursts by eating them all up and shooting them with mustard and ketchup. Something realistic you know?


We fielded a question from your fans on Social Media and Sun Moon asked: Music is feelings. What are the feeling that transpire through your music? Name the 4th ingredient for the perfect song along passion, love, feelings?

Rhythm. It’s the most important ingredient because it dictates the direction of the song. Whether it’s a chill track or a party record. That’s all ruled by the rhythm.


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